From your account representatives to your call center, Mobile Sales Suite/CRM is a complete solution designed to increase sales, deliver exceptional customer service and provide a wealth of information about your leads, prospects and customers. Whether working online or offline, in a stand-alone environment or integrated to external business systems, MSS/CRM is a robust sales solution at a fraction of the cost of competitive products.
MSS - Mobile Sales Suite
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Centralize Customer Information Allow your customer service representatives and remote sales force to share all customer information from the same database.
Instant Notification
Assign activities so all responsible parties are "in the loop". Email notifications, calendar entries and "to do's" are all integrated with MSS/CRM.
Use One Product Catalog
One database stores your product information, customer and pricing information and marketing information. Accessible through the MSS/CRM client or on the Web for an online product catalog.
Work the Sales Cycle
Create and track opportunities for leads, prospects and customers. Multiple sales cycles allow users to walk through the appropriate steps to close the deal.
Features & Benefits:
  1. Integrates with external business systems or works in a stand-alone environment.
  2. Provides easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  3. Sorting, searching and reporting on any data field.
  4. Provides networked or off-line users access to corporate systems.
  5. Email account teams as well as customers to keep everyone informed.
  6. Secure information to appropriate parties or make it accessible to all.
  7. Supports multi-currencies and decimalization.
  8. Create letters, envelopes, fax cover sheets and other forms with MS Word. Export data effortlessly to MS Excel. All MSS/CRM information is transferred automatically.
  9. Easy and cost-effective to configure, implement, administer and support.
  10. Most MSS implementations take 1-3 weeks to install, integrate and implement. Be up and running FAST!